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Buffalo Soldiers Patches

This original patch design is a showstopper, "Warning" you will be asked what's it's significance. This patch proudly represents the Buffalos Soldiers who served as free men in the 9th and 10th calvary regiments and the 24th and 25th Infantry regiments of the US Army during the Post Civil War from 1866-1944. "

(1866-1944 Patch)



Incredibly detailed, This Buffalo Soldiers Patch pays tribute to the African American post Civil War Heroes who served on the western frontier from 1866 to the early 1890s, these regiments served at a variety of posts in the Southwestern United States (Apache Wars) and Great Plains regions. They participated in most of the military campaigns in these areas and earned a distinguished record. Thirteen enlisted men and six officers from these four regiments earned the Medal of Honor during the Indian Wars.

(Gold with Black Trim Soldier Patch)

Gold with Black outline Signature Patch


(Blue with Gold Trim Soldier Patch)

Graphic Words




Buffalo Soldiers American Heroes DVD

Buffalo Soldier DVD

The videos emphasis is on the untold yet significant story of The Buffalo Soldiers.The material presented in this video is ground-breaking , leaving viewers amazed and inspired. This is your chance to own a piece of African American History.  This video will guide you through the middle passage, emancipation and the achievements and contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers from 1866 to 1944,  An excellent introduction to African-American studies for young students, this program features a "story" that reveals the history and cultural heritage of African Americans pre and post civil war - Total Running Time 8 min.

$15.99 plus s/h


Excellent research! I'm sure my grandchildren can use this information when doing a class report. You also educated me as well. - Pamela, Chicago Illinois

Wow.....this is something...love it ..turned it over to my 15 yr.old.....he too gave it the thumbs up! - Michelle, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for doing such a great job and lots of research... I really enjoyed learning more about the Buffalo Soldiers.... The History is unlimited.. Thank you again..- Darlene, Portland Oregon

Very informative!!! Had no idea the name was derived from the Native Americans. I wasn't even aware we engaged in battle against them (at least not the black infantry). Music is good too:) - Gregory, Northridge, California


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