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About Our Website

Welcome to our website, we hope you find it both informative and impactive. We decided to create this website because the rich history of the Buffalo Soldier is a story that needs to be told. I realized that there was much I didn't know in terms of the Buffalo Soldiers, this segment of history was not included in the curriculum of my elementary, middle, highschool, or college education. It is our intent to share the Buffalo Soldier story with you. Thanks we hope you enjoy your visit.

About Our Team

  • Gregory C. Brown I am a IT Manager by day and a motorcycle enthusiast by night. I belong to the North Bay - California chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle club. It is my goal that this site become one of the top sites in terms of education and resources regarding the History of the Buffalo Soldiers. If you have any ideas on how we can make your experience better please email me your thoughts.
  • Vicki L. Brown I am the artistic creator of the "Original" Buffalo Soldier Graphic Word Patch (available on our website). As an associate member of the North Bay chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers motorcycle club I wanted to create a unique patch that captures the spirit of the Buffalo Soldiers. My desire is to educate and promote the rich history and contributions made by the Buffalo Soldiers through art.